On the occasion of "Les Rencontres de la photographie Arles", HEAD – Genève (University of Art and Design Geneva) published a series of booklets to present different photographic practices by students and alumni of the visual communication and fine arts departments. Without being a school of photography, specific courses throughout the university are connected by the "Pool Photographie".

Commissioned by: HEAD – Genève
Publisher: HEAD – Genève
Editorial Direction: Julie Enckell Julliard
Editorial Coordination: Aurélie Pétrel, Bruno Serralongue, Frank Westermeyer, Stéphanie Gygax
Graphic Design: Rob van Leijsen
Language: French
Year: 2019
Specifications: 150 × 220 mm, 20 pages, 15.000 copies, staple bound, offset and foil printed on Magno Satin and Pop'set by Chapuis S.A., Genève
ISBN: 978-2-940510-39-9 (1/3), 978-2-940510-40-5 (2/3), 978-2-940510-41-2 (3/3),

©HEAD–Genève/Baptiste Coulon
©HEAD–Genève, Baptiste Coulon